Why everybody should do autocross and rallycross

To be a better safer everyday driver on the streets – that’s why. Many people autocross and/or rallycross because of the thrill of driving a car at the limit. Some do it for the thrill of competition. However, we also do it to be better everyday drivers on the street.

In Nova Scotia it is very easy to get a driver’s license compare to other places around the world. As a result, our province is full of bad drivers. We’ve heard of people being afraid to drive through the Armdale Rotary saying it’s too crazy (it’s not crazy, it’s just a round-about), not to mention driving during rain or snow. We believe many accidents as the result of the lack of driver training, and it doesn’t have to be this way. Autocross/rallycross are safe and legal avenues to practice in a safe and legal environment. They are also very cost effective. An event ranges from $20 to $30 depending on the venue.

Rallycross is a driving competition on slippery off-pavement surfaces such as gravel, snow and ice. You don’t need a fancy car by any means for this – above is a picture of my dad rallycrossing his Toyota Prius taxi cab for winter driving practice. Participating in this event is amazing winter driver training. You get to learn how your car handles in “oh shit” situations, without the risk of crashing or getting a traffic ticket.

Autocross is nearly the same thing as rallycross, but in the summer time and on pavement. The best thing about it is that it “lets your demons out” safely and legally instead of out on the streets. Fancy cars not required. Had I known these events existed when I was 16, I would have avoided my teenage/early twenties speeding infractions.

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When my kids grow old enough for a driver’s licenses, I’ll be sending them to mandatory autocross and rallycross driver training and I hope more people do as well 🙂

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