Changing Jackson Racing Supercharger Oil in a BRZ/FRS

Every 2 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first, is when the JRSC oil needs to be changed, according to the manual. It’s a dry sump system and the procedure is pretty straight forward. Here are the details.

To do so, you can simply drain the oil that is in the reservoir. There is not much else to that procedure. If the fluid looks like it has better color and more refreshed, you should be fine.

Typically you want to flush the lines as much as possible. To do this, run the return line that goes to the top of the reservoir into a separate container, so the old fluid leaves the system. You have to watch and fill the reservoir with new fluid as the car is running at 2000 rpm, until you are close to 80-90% of the bottle used or you see clean fluid entering the separate container. At that point, shut the car off and reattach the oil line to the top of the reservoir. Then double check the oil level and lines.

Note, checking oil level should still be done at 2000rpm.

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