Join the Team

We are looking for a videographer/digital media person to join our racing team.

Do you have experience in photography and video footage, as well as creating video montages and interviews?  Would you like to gain some experience to add to your portfolio to kick-start your career in this field?  Do you love cars and being around them, want to learn how to tune or repair them? Do you want to drive?

We are looking for someone who is passionate about cars and racing. The role on the team is to come to race competitions and capture our team’s story and the scene around.

In exchange we will help you work on your car in our shop whether repairs or upgrades. We’ll help you get your car prepped for autoslalom, rallycross or the track.

The candidate preferably should have a portfolio and prior experience in digital media, is taking or has a degree in digital media, or is a self-learner and wants to be around cars.

The role requires:

  • Ensuring in-car cameras are set up and running for each race
  • Suggest and implement ideas for interesting racecar footage
  • Conduct driver interviews
  • Film and edit stories around car tuning and repairs
  • Take team photos in the pits and add them to team digital assets repository
  • Video editing of footage after each race to be uploaded to website and social media channels
  • Make Facebook posts and write the occasional blog here
  • Desire to drink beer after races and in the shop while wrenching