About the Car – Radical SR3 – Toronto Indy 2023

Our car, piloted by Nick Roussakov, is a 2018 Radical SR3 RSX 1340.

Radical SR3 RSX
Radical SR3 RSX

The Radical SR3 is a mid-engine rear wheel drive sports racing car. It is a pure racing car without any driver assists. No power steering, no ABS, no traction control.

Aerodynamics: It has high downforce aerodynamics, including a front splitter, a dual element rear wing, flat floor and side pod air tunnels.

Weight: The series regular post-race weight, including driver and fuel, is 1565 lbs.

Engine: Suzuki Hayabusa 1340cc engine plus 6 speed sequential transmission (two-in-one) producing 210 horsepower at the crank and about 190 horsepower at the rear wheels.

Transmission: The gear drive unit attaches to the engine/transmission and transfers the power to the rear wheels via a Quife limited slip differential. It also adds on a reverse gear.

Electronics: the car has a Life ECU hooked up to an AIM MXL2 dash and CAN bus system. It also has an AIM SmartyCam for onboard video.




We’re Going to Race in Toronto Indy 2023

It has been quite the process but we were able to get everything together to race in the Toronto Indy Radical series.

Upgraded Radical SR3, Gen 3 model
Upgraded Radical SR3, Gen 3 model. Right to left: Nick (driver) and Chris (Crew Chief)

We first upgraded from the red Gen 2 model Radical SR3 to a newer Gen 3 model. The newer gen has aerodynamic improvements over the older model. The engine and suspension and most other bits are the same.

Having support of the people you are around is so very important. And we are so lucky to have that. Our families and places where we work gave us encouragement and time needed to prepare and take the journey. 

Nova Scotia Livery
Nova Scotia Livery






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