Loose Nuts, a Broken Axle and the Racing Blues

Think Positive with Brian PartridgeA bit of misfortune caught up to us at the racing weekend. We didn’t get to race due to mechanical failure. So we packed it up and headed home – not a great feeling by any means. I guess this is the other side of racing. This shit happens to everyone at some point. The best we can do is reflect, learn a lesson (which I’m about to share) to avoid or prevent future recurrences, and think positive.

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It’s Almost Racing Season!

We had a long winter of hibernation… Well, not really. The Bluenose Autoclub Rallycross Championship kept us occupied (see Team Yellow Sentra’s Facebook page, that was us causing a ruckus). But now the 2017 road racing season is about to commence and we’re excited! The first race of the season is May 28th, 2017, but tomorrow we’ll get the chance for a few laps at the track to shakedown the car and heat cycle the tires.

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