CRX Season Prep – A New Spanner in the Works

The ARMS TRAC Series announced today on Facebook that GT3 will now be grouped with the faster field of cars.  Prior to this, GT3 class was grouped with the slower field. This puts a bit of a spanner in the works for my plans with my #188 K-swaped CRX being prepped based on the earlier split…

When bracket racing was adopted at Atlantic Motorsports Park about 5 years ago, car classes were divided by lap times from GT1 (fastest) to GT6 (slowest). 
The GT3 class bracket in the TRAC Series ( means that competitors entered into the class must not exceed lap times of 1:13.5. There are penalties for breaking out (going faster) that get more severe the more times you consistently break out and eventually result is a forced bump to the next class.   
GT3 also happens to be that edge class when, as an organizer trying to split the field into fast and slow and also trying to have a relatively even number of competitors on each grid, is a tricky balance.
So here’s where I’m at:
My objectives as a competitor prepping for the TRAC series are:
1. Win a field overall in one or more series (I don’t care which field, the fast or the slower; but obviously I’ve not chance to win the faster field in the 188 CRX).
2. Set FWD lap record (I’ve been trying that for a couple of years now).
Last year, the CRX got a 1:15.5 in the JCM. According to the at-the-time rookie driver Ryan, who turned that lap, the car has another second in it in it’s form.  He said it wasn’t a good lap. What I’m saying is that the CRX has always been on a quest to be a GT3 car. Mathematically that’s what it works out to be when the setup is dialed (and we got pretty close in the JCM).
And earlier, GT3 was supposed to be in the slower field, giving me a chance to meet objective #1. The new 1:13.5 bracket criteria would have also enabled me to meet objective #2 (current FWD record is still in the 1:14’s IIRC).
Yes, I agree with what you’re thinking at this point – this is just a gentleman’s series and you take this way too seriously, Nick! My approach is that if you play the game, then try your best to succeed in that game – whatever your definition of success is. Above is mine.
So anyway, I’ve a bit of a spanner in the works now, which is advantageous to the GT4 teams.  Alas, I must not get discouraged from my goals and compose a solution. My options are:
  1. I can now race on the tail end of the fast group – which I’ve already done in my GT6 and GT5 days – and not meet my 1st objective.
  2. Have 2 setups of the car: GT4 and balls-out Time Attack setup.
  3. or use powers of persuasion to convince the Race Director to go back to the original field split where GT3 is with the slower pack.

Let’s see where this goes 🙂