GoPro 5: How to Import Video with GPS Data into Studio

As of this writing, GoPro has two applications for editing your videos:

  • GoPro Quik
  • GoPro Studio

GoPro Quik enables rudimentary video editing to create quick short clips. It also provides the ability to overlay GPS data into your video such as geographic location, speedometer, g force meter and other telemetry data. Studio, on the other hand, allows advanced editing of videos, but doesn’t provide the facility to overlay GPS telemetry data. Nor is it straight forward to export from Quik into Studio with it overlaid. In this article we’ll explain how to do it.

We have a Windows PC, but this trick may very well work the same on a Mac. Let us know in the comments if it does.

First, open your video in GoPro Quik and add gauges and save the configuration:

Next, click on “Create a clip”. This will render a saved copy of your video with the gauges overlayed.

The computer will crunch for a bit as it overlays and exports the video.

Next, click on “Back to Media” to go back to the list of videos:

Finally, right-click on the video and select “Open in Studio”. Note, this final step is crucial because the format of the video that Quik creates isn’t importable into Studio if you select it from within Studio. However, when you select this option from Quik it works fine.

Studio will open at this time with your clip with overlaid GPS data in it.

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