It’s Almost Racing Season!

We had a long winter of hibernation… Well, not really. The Bluenose Autoclub Rallycross Championship kept us occupied (see Team Yellow Sentra’s Facebook page, that was us causing a ruckus). But now the 2017 road racing season is about to commence and we’re excited! The first race of the season is May 28th, 2017, but tomorrow we’ll get the chance for a few laps at the track to shakedown the car and heat cycle the tires.

Ben and I had a great rookie year. We started out with a “virgin” racecar, meaning that it has never been raced before.  Despite having to break her in, we did better than we’d hoped. At the very last race of 2016 though we broke down. The bearing hub became loose and by the time we figured that out, we had a broken axle, a damaged knuckle, ball joint and a few other small suspension parts.

For a 30 year old car parts are not always available. For example, you can no longer buy an axle from Honda because it’s discontinued. You can still get one from NAPA though. But those are often of a questionable quality. Luckily we were able to get the parts that we needed due to the help of the fellow racers, Ben and Mike Brown. They had a parts car with a knuckle which they generously gave to us. Thanks Mike and Ben for your help!

Another very high priority item we had to address was the fuel filler neck. The one that the car came with when we got it was made out of hose not rated for fuel. A regular filler neck couldn’t be used because the rollcage was installed in its path. But thanks to the mad welding skills of fellow racers, Doug Bland and Brad Wadden of CARS Automotive, we rigged up a proper metal fuel filler neck.

We also put a Mishimoto catch can on the car this year to keep the air a bit cleaner and upgraded to 225 width tires from 205.

We are hoping for the best at tomorrow’s shakedown. We’ll have 5 days to sort anything out before the first race.


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