The K-Miata Debut

After a long 12 month hibernation and transformation, the K-Miata was finally ready for its debut event.

K-Miata Debut
K-Miata Debut. Photo by Kevin Doubleday

On Friday night I met up with the boys, borrowed some noise cancelling headphones for the five hour ride from Halifax and hit the road to Saint John for the ARMS Regional Autoslalom Event 1.

The noise cancelling headphones are an absolute necesssity because as wonderful as the tone of the K24 engine is with a 3-inch headerback exhaust, to endure this for a 5 hour drive is on the opposite side of pleasant. By the way, here is a link to the K-Miata build page on Facebook with the build progression for the last 12 months:

We made it to Saint John, and hit the cheapest motel we could find. When we got to the event in the morning, I realized I forgot the wheel spacers I needed to keep the Hoosiers off the body in the front under full travel. Thankfully, I was in the last run group and had time to hit the local “Cambodian” Tire to pick up some sick WHITEKNIGHT wheel spacers. I got the car ready to roll and waited anxiously for my run group. I didn’t heat cycle or scrub the sticker A7’s, so my first run was a little messy and a wash.

Here is a video of the “virgin launch”:

The tires came around by the last run and “purple crack high” set in – driving this beast at the limit was euphoric!

The K-Miata performed well for its first event, ending up with the fastest raw time of the day, but it was far from perfect. I did the alignment on the floor in our shop with a cellphone camber gauge and toe plates, and left a big rear sway bar hooked up for the event (more on this later).

As the season progresses we will get the car dialed in and hope to continue the FTD streak!

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